Updated: Mar 8

What is Philosophy in Poetry

Philosophy is simply the love of wisdom and I find that can be poetic in every facet of life. There will always be multiple perspectives that a person can choose from. As a freelance writer it is my job to empathize, sympathize and find the words for each perception of any particular subject, situation or emotion. For me the connection with everything is poetic. Life is art and each unique creation somehow fits and is connected to something that is connected to something or someone somewhere. The difference is the expectation of the outcome of each situation presented. The art is combining formal and informal education with the experiences of everyone I encounter as each person offers a form of wisdom that adds dimension to any story not just poetry.

Creatives will always be Creative

There will always be someone that claims they can do better than someone else, but you can’t duplicate the ability to be creative. Neuroscientists have found that people who are creative process information differently while many creatives exhibit a heightened sense of emotions on some level than people that are more logical and concrete in their thinking. Whether by effects of the frontal cortex, the neocortex or thalamus in our brains the creative gene is present and found to be hereditary. The way that creativity is presented varies in each person and is never duplicated. Meaning that each person will maintain their individuality and qualities unique to them while exhibiting creative talents in some form.

As we see the explosion of new technology, we will continue to see the power of creatives. It was a creative person trying to solve a problem that invented the idea of cryptocurrency which was built on the idea of the blockchain. We will also see the power of creatives as people start to explore and create in the space of NFT’s, virtual reality and artificial intelligence. The possibilities these technologies present are only limited by your imagination. As creativity goes beyond the realm of the arts and is realized as a part of life that is needed.

Listening for creativity

Imagination with a dose of reality is a part of life. It takes a lifetime to create the person you want to become. The way we create our stories will always be unique to our experiences and depending on who is telling the story it will always sound different which is dependent on who is listening. When I realized I can sympathize and empathize I also realized the power of listening and observation to find the words as a writer to become a better storyteller.

Philosophy in poetry is life as an art form. Looking through the lenses of others as someone who is also categorized as part of the others. Finding the words to write stories in a variety of formats through research, experience and listening with the ability to empathize with others while creating the best version of myself by combining all that I have learned and experienced. Sometimes we get creative with learning to live after we have learned to survive. Just a poetic way of saying I love to write.

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