Published Works

Triumph Magazine

Contributing writer - Interviewing exceptional people, organizations and business from the Greater Cleveland area and writing articles highlighting the African American community.

Out of the Storm: Love Shouldn't hurt

We Are Beat Anthology

Contributing writer-- Poem-- Stretching Rubber Bands

Train of Thoughts

Creative Talents Unleashed Anthologies

Contributing Writer-

Microagressions- Poem- Stressing

Fire & Ice An Anthology of Collborations

Poetic Melodies--Poems--

Divided Lines: A Poet's Stance-- Poem - Ridiculous

Blaqrayn Magazine

Ohio Poetry Association 

2016 Common Threads Journal-- Poem-- Unbeaten Path

Along with a few others

Includes ghostwriting, essays and copywriting for organizations and event marketing.

Contributing writer- Poem- Liar

Universal Colloquies Inside of Me

Reliable hearts Blog